Your First NFT

Your First NFT on Opensea

The idea came to me while playing with Coco. No kidding. I was also influenced by Garyvee (No need to hyperlink this guy!) I was listening to his latest podcast episode, and it really got me thinking. It was about his latest book, “12 and a Half,” and he talked about how you can do good and be nice and still grow a great business. I definitely didn’t belong to this camp, and growing up, I had a lot of bad references that you can’t have it all. You got to choose either family or money, career or family… stuff like that. Even if you try to balance smartly, something still has to give. E.g., health. But I do find myself more optimistic after hearing his latest podcast. And I agree, “good” and “bad” people can have financial success, but it’s the formal that have happy lives.

I’m digressing.

I was thinking about how I could create something meaningful. We are seeing the growth of Web 3.0 and the digital asset space, so from the first piece To My One & Only Twitter Friend to this and henceforth, I am thinking-

How can I create meaningful content that captures the experiences of the people in this space? By doing so, can I create an experience for the persons involved? A private, intimate, heartfelt moment. The kind in which time slows down, you slow down and sip tea as you hear the light rain on your window.

The humans, we, haven’t changed. We are still pretty much the same on the whole, and so, we still crave authentic interactions and memorable experiences. A new culture will grow in this space as it grows. I’m excited.

Specific to this piece of content, I envision the receiver keeping the NFT in their wallet for as long as the blockchain lives. It’s akin to your first post on Instagram, except that someone sweet bought it and airdropped it to you. Another version that I envision is for holders to keep passing it on. Like you know, those cheezy emails we used to receive that read “Pass it on to 5 of your best friends!” and they should also pass it on to another 5 of their best friends. old times

This is minted on Polygon but let’s still hope gas comes down sooner than later.

What shall I create next? Let me know.