The silly thing about contemporary living is that one can be at home all day yet be mentally edgy and even stressed out.

Welcome to the virtual world, or specifically, the social media world.

You are a little bored and restless. You pick up your phone and scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Yes, you go to LinkedIn even during your free time. And then the stress, anxiety, and envy grow within you as you scroll your feeds littered with milestones and achievements.

And here you are, still figuring out how to be a writer.

Thumbs up for chasing your dream.

And then you stumble upon a live show shared by your artist friend just as a little girl no more than seven with her violin walks up to the microphone and gets ready to play. You click on it and watch that little girl playing her best, albeit out of tune and a little too squeaky for the ears. She makes a mistake or two, not too glaring ones, but surely she notices. She continues, finishes her piece and, proceeds to play her next song.

You put down your phone and laugh at yourself.

It’s my own game I’m playing.



Grandma was a lady with few words. Perhaps it was innate, or that she grew up as an immigrant and was shy of pronouncing differently, she just didn’t say much. However, grandma had a way with people and spoke with things. She would listen attentively with her ears and eyes. And just when you think you have forgotten your packed lunch or misplaced your favorite watch, she would ready in her hands precisely what you need or point you to what you seek.

It has been 5 years since grandma left us, and I miss her horribly. Who wouldn’t?

Yet, each day I tell myself it was precious and amazing. You see, I had 20 years with grandma, and I am grateful for that.

Our family never truly leaves too. Yes, grandma lives within me, and I can feel it! For whenever I am lost or uncertain, I get answers almost too quickly and through no effort of my own. Grandma continues to speak to me in her own special way.

And so, I smile, I smile when I think of grandma!

Magical Mondays is a weekly short post on something heartwarming, something sweet, and something magical.