(Updated as of March’22) The Sea Giants of Ishigaki and the Venomous Irabu

It was said no less than some eons ago, 
The Sea Giants of Ishigaki evolved from old ocean stones.
With webbed fingers and toes, 
Gill slits on their body folds,
They were large gentle creatures,
With undying ancient souls.

A black-banded sea snake that rose from the dark waters.
Venomous, it slaughters all.

The Sea Giants should not have been defeated.
Yet, they were.
They succumbed and regressed into ocean stones.
Fashioned by the wind, water, and the sands of time,
They scatter across the ocean scape,
Blurring the world into an anxious, somber horizon.

*Irabu, The Okinawan word for the black-banded sea krait, is a venomous sea snake found in the tropics of the Indo-Pacific.

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