To My One & Only Twitter Friend

You know what they say.
If you really mean it, you should tell how you feel.

So here is a little postcard for my Twitter friend
(Yes, if you click that link above, you see that I literally mint it.)


  1. What a lovely idea. I myself prefer getting snail mail, so this was like an interesting in-between. What do you mean by typewritten though? If this is your handwriting, can I just say that you have awesome penmanship? Anyhoo, I checked out your My Story page and you seem super interesting. Nice to meet you!


    1. Nice to meet you!

      I do prefer snail mail. Currently, the nft space is mainly saturated with visual art-based nfts. So i was trying to create a word-based one! Hence, the nft postcard was borned!

      I used a typewritten font. That’s not my penmanship though, but thanks!


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