Camel Sense

gm world!

I started my day by checking VeeFriends Discord and decided to participate in the Black Friday giveaway. I was to choose a favorite VeeFriend. I chose the Caring Camel *cute camel*!

This is my tweet:

Crazily, it took me 40minutes to write?! I unexpectedly found myself feeling vulnerable and anxious. I believe it was due to sharing an authentic part of me as well as, reliving a memory, an experience which I thought doesn’t bother me any longer.

I still feel a little uncomfortable now, physically, while typing this. Wow. I do think it is cathartic and I look forward to reclaiming more of my experiences and self.

Since we are on camels, I used to have my online username as “camel_sense”. I think I even had a deleted blog entitled that. It was in Xinjiang that I had the chance to go on a camel ride. It was amazing. Camels, animals, understand a lot more than we think. They can sense and interact with the emotional landscape.

Kids get teased a lot and honestly, my experience was not the worst, compared to say what we hear and see of other kids getting teased and bullied. I did take things very hard and personally. It was much later in life I learned about setting boundaries and not taking everyone’s opinions and thoughts to heart.

Got to rush off for my work now. Have a good day everyday 🙂

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